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Raychi Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1987.
The business we engaged in was designing, planning, marketing and installing conductor rail system at embryo of incorporating. In 1989, we became a Taiwan's agent of a company's haulage department in Germany which manufacturing the wire rope hoist, chain hoist and drive motor. And we package their hoist and steelwork which made in Taiwan to several kinds of overhand cranes, suspension cranes, jib cranes and monorail hoists.

Since 1997, our company has extend out business to jetty equipment and acquired contracts on five jetty chemical plants, a LPG Quick Release Hooks manufacturing, and LPG jetty ships hit avoidance system manufacturing from Formosa Plastic Group Maliao, Taiwan. The above constructions are accomplished and under operation.
This year we obtained sales representative of Embossing Roll from Nan Ya Plastic Co., which is one of the four branches companies of Formosa Plastic Group, the largest corporate and the leader in Taiwanese plastic industry. Nan Ya Plastic CO. has been dedicated to Embossing Roll production for more than thirty years, during which they have researched and developed newer technology. This year, they have produced Alloy Steel Roll, Canelder Roll, and Lazurite Roll of the new technology age. We believe the above product will help your sales reach another level and bring you a lot of profit. In the mean time, they will help your product to be one of the best in the industry.

Raychi Machinery Co., Ltd is proud to present you this information, and we hope to provide you with these high quality and technology Embossing Roll series. They will help you with quality and distinctiveness to be the leader in the market, and furthermore bring you countless profit and bigger market.

We believe that quality and technique expertise are the foundation of corporate management and operation, and they are also foundation of Raychi business management and operation. In the future, we will not only maintain belief on quality excellence, but also provide more diverse and outstanding service.


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