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Screw press through screw rotating makes slow compress and delivery function to objects. It makes the particles of sludge more compact and integrated to filter water, and then the sludge is smoothly discharged by delivery function. The screw press is a device that makes automatic and continuous rotating process by applying transmission mechanism.

For filter process of screw press, it mainly makes use of screw rotating, compress and delivery function. The sludge that stays in compress area will be compressed into lumps and carried to trough. This process could be accomplished with small horsepower.

Therefore, the machine was designed to reach the best dehydration rate with small power; furthermore, it can save on the delivery and operation cost.

  • We have applied theoretical calculation and analyzed CAD simulation to find the best design of screw.
  • After countless testing and 24 hours non-stop running of the screw press in the factory, the hydrous percentage of FGD sludge has lowered to less than 40%.


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