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Equipment advantage

  1. High dehydration rate (The hydrous percentage of FGD sludge is less than 40%.)
  2. Less power consumption
  3. Low maintenance cost
  4. Automatic operation (No manual operation needed)
  5. Automatically cleans filter net. No need to worry about sludge stuck in the equipment.
  6. Surrounding area clean during process
  7. Smaller size of equipment but better efficiency
  8. Easy to install and small occupying space
  9. Efficiently separates solid and liquid

Process Application and Primary Function

The screw press is mostly applied to filter water from sludge in desulphurization or filter process of wastewater in power plants. It will efficiently reduce hydrous percentage of the sludge and reach the goals of reducing waste.

Process application and main function

The screw press is most application to desulphurize in power plant and filter process of waste water, and making use of screw compress to the mud that can be filter water, so that will be down low the hydrous percent of mud and reach goal of reduce trash.


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